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Reign of Toads was a well-regarded zine from the prehistoric 1990s. Here are some links and summaries of its four mighty issues. (This site looks like it's over 20 years old because it is.) The publisher Kyle Silfer kept the name Reign of Toads and repurposed it for an IT consultation business. If you're looking for that, visit his LinkedIn page!

Essays, interviews and information that originally appeared in issues 1-4 of the print magazine Reign of Toads from 1991-1995. As these texts are HTMLified, links will appear.

Reign of Toads #4 (1995)
    • Product Schwa: Bill Barker
    • Even the End will Be All Glorious: Lida Husik
    • Dead Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry: Bill Hicks talks Noam Chomsky, Cops, Orange Drink and then he dies
    • The Low-Budget, Normal Bias, Heliocentric World of Fuzzhead
    • The Poor Citizen's Guide to Getting on the Internet: detailed information on getting your old 8-bit computer (TRS-80, Apple IIe, C64, etc.) on the Internet
    • Friends(TM): the doublespeak and hand-jive of a new age pyramid scheme
    • Vehicles of Consciousness: associate editor Spiro(s) Antonopoulos's inspired rant on Roswell, Ketamine and dimethyltryptamine

Reign of Toads #3 (1993)
    • Sample and Hold: the editor's contorted essay on sampling and digital reproduction
    • A Young Person's Guide to the Internet: an early attempt to turn people on to the Internet back when nobody knew what it was
    • The GNU Manifesto: a slightly edited version of Richard Stallman's essential call to action for the free software movement
    • The Ra Expeditions: Sonny "Sun Ra" Blount returns to Saturn

Reign of Toads #2 (1992)
    • Industrious Music: Christopher Swartz
    • Legitimate Strangeness: Triptic of a Pastel Fern
    • A Month of Apocalypse: John Cramer
    • Nevermind the Overmind: Nirvana, Terence McKenna, Rodney King and White Guilt
    • I Like My Ween: Our man Steve delivers the fanboy take

Reign of Toads #1 (1991)
    • One More Cigarette, One More Nail: A rambling discussion with comic artists/writers John Bergin (Brain Dead, Ashes, From Inside) and J. O'Barr (The Crow)

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